Success Stories

I have a huge interest in machine learning and Big Data as I see there a lot of potential and it is why I have signed up for the workshop. I really like how this class gave me a good overview of machine learning techniques and showed me how businesses use Big Data in general. It is a completely new way of thinking and the workshop introduces that very well. I really loved it!

Robert Wei

Software Engineer, Apple

As a researcher, I was already familiar with machine learning theory, so I have signed up for the class mainly because of the Day 2 containing Big Data and Spark. And indeed, I was truly impressed by the way machine learning can be done on Spark! However, the real surprise was that I got so much from Day 1 by learning how to make data visualizations with seaborn, Pandas and scikit-learn. I got much more than I expected and I am happy that I have signed up!

Sayan Mukherjee

Data Scientist, Docomo Innovations

I had true hands-on experience solving real issues frequently faced in production environment. It was a true eye-opener and I am now feeling much more comfortable with deploying similar solutions in my work environment.

Laurent Isenegger

Software Engineer, Intel

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It was a great workshop during which I gained experience in how to use machine learning techniques with Spark. I can now go back to work and apply those concepts right away. I have really enjoyed the workshop!

Ilya Sviridov

Principal Software Engineer, Mirantis